Shat in Hindi means 100. Shat Pratishat means "100 Percent". We are committed to bring products with 100% Natural ingredients with 0% synthetic chemicals in products. Thats' our North Star. So much are we obsessed with this philosophy that we kept our brand name as Shat Pratishat.
Who understands Natural ingredients better than the ones who grow it. Before the launch of Shat Pratishat we had started with and are still involved in agriculture. We started with cultivation of Aloe Vera and Castor under organic conditions at our farms near Ahmedabad. We started with supplying natural ingredients of Aloe and Castor for cosmetic purposes and hence evolved our deep understanding for natural ingredients and its properties.
We realized that it's difficult to find products completely made from natural ingredients which are free from harmful chemicals. In fact, we were alarmed by very little use of naturally derived ingredients in the products marketed as natural products by many popular brands. Thus the idea of Shat Pratishat materialized, by collaborating with like minded researchers. 
We are a team of people, who are trying ever harder to remove toxic chemicals and unsustainable quick fixes in the personal care products with the blessings of mother nature. We absolutely believe that nature has provided us with the ingredients for all our problems. We are committed to making products that are completely natural, safe and also effective.