We lovingly create products for Skin and Hair care that are made from 100% Natural Ingredients with 0% Chemicals. The products complement and enhance the daily self-care ritual, using only the highest quality Ingredients derived from natural sources that are effective, high-performance and always non-toxic. We bring products based on the science of natural ingredients to solve routine skin and hair care problems, which are currently addressed by chemical alternatives. 

We also grow Aloevera in organic conditions at our farms near Ahmedabad. We use Aloevera as base material in most of our products. This makes our products having maximum active ingredients without any dilution by water. Our expertise and control in the supply chain of key ingredients gives us edge in making better quality products.

We consciously avoid using synthetic chemicals like parabens, suplhates, mineral oil, silicones etc. which have lot of controversies related to health parameters.

Each product is infused with the elements of aroma, memory, place and beauty traditions from across the globe. These products and its ingredients carry with them stories and stamp of ancient wisdom since ages, always guiding us in this world of cut throat competition, where genuine care is taken over by quick fixes.