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ShatPratishat Rose Face Cream
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Moisturizing Face Cream - Rose

Rs. 360 Rs. 239
ShatPratishat Cedarwood and Neroli Flowers Body Lotion. 100 % Natural, 0% Chemical formula. Shat Pratishat Natural and organic body lotion.
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Body Moisturizing Lotion Cedarwood 200ml

Rs. 490 Rs. 325
ShatPratishat Sandalwood and Clay face mask
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Face Mask - Sandalwood and Clay - 50 GM

Rs. 390 Rs. 239
ShatPratishat Almond oil. Made from premium Sweet almonds. Cold pressed , Organic and chemical free. Mineral oil free. Silicone free oil.
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Pure Almond Oil - Organic & Cold Pressed

Rs. 400 Rs. 249


Effective Skincare Products made from 100% Natural Ingredients, 0% Chemicals.

Who We Are

Who understands natural ingredients better than the one who grows it. Before the launch of Shat Pratishat, we started with and are still involved in agriculture. We started with cultivation of Aloe Vera and Castor under organic conditions at our farms near Ahmedabad. We started with supplying natural ingredients of Aloe and Castor for cosmetic purposes.

We are a team of people, who are trying ever harder to remove toxic chemicals and unsustainable quick fixes in the personal care products with the blessings of mother nature.

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What We Do

We lovingly create products for Skin and Hair care that are made from 100% Natural Ingredients with 0% Chemicals. The products complement and enhance the daily self-care ritual, using only the highest quality Ingredients derived from natural sources that are effective, high-performance and always non-toxic. 

We bring products based on the science of natural ingredients to solve routine skin and hair care problems, which are currently addressed by chemical alternatives. 

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Why Shat Pratishat

At Shat Pratishat, we make products that are Natural, Effective and Safe (and not boring and bland).

We are a proud Indian brand that believe in transparency, honesty and genuine care. We are progressive farmers who have built expertise in understanding in growing and processing of natural ingredients and leveraged that in formulating our products.

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