What is Glyceryl Monostearate?

Glyceryl monostearate, commonly known as GMS, is an ester derived from glycerin and stearic acid. It is a monoglyceride mainly used as a common food additive and cosmetic ingredient. A versatile compound, known for its emulsifying, thickening, and stabilizing properties. It possesses moisturizing and emollient properties, helping keep the skin soft and hydrated, a desirable feature in cosmetic products. Additionally, it helps improve the texture and stability of creams and lotions. 

Benefits of Glyceryl Monostearate

Apart from the above-mentioned properties, Glyceryl monostearate also has several benefits, such as:

i. Helping moisturize and soften the skin

ii. Helping in the controlled release of active ingredients in cosmetic products

iii. Compatibility with various cosmetic ingredients, making it versatile

iv. Mild and non-irritating, making it an appealing choice for consumers      


Following ShatPratishat Products contain Glyceryl Monostearate:

 Face Cream                              Body Lotion

 Face Mask                                Liquid Powder