Homosalates are chemical compounds commonly used in cosmetic and skincare products, particularly in sunscreens and some moisturizers, due to their ability to absorb UVB rays effectively. While homosalates are widely employed for sun protection, concerns have been raised regarding their potential health risks.


One primary concern with homosalates is their potential to disrupt hormone function in the body. Homosalates are known to have weak estrogenic properties, which means they can mimic the hormone estrogen when absorbed through the skin. Prolonged and repeated exposure to substances with estrogenic activity can potentially interfere with the endocrine system, leading to hormonal imbalances and related health issues. While the extent of these effects in humans is still a subject of ongoing research, they have prompted caution regarding using homosalates in skincare products. 


[Source : Mattos, I. E., et al. (2020). Human exposure, hazard and risk of alternative UV filters in sunscreens: A comprehensive review. Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences]


We at ShatPratishat do not use this toxic chemical in any of our products.