Pure Castor Oil - Organic & Cold Pressed - 200ML

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Pure castor oil by Shat Pratishat is extracted from the organic castor seeds by cold pressed method. It is made from the finest grades of castor seeds handpicked and extracted by cold-pressed method. Added Vitamin E enhances its effectiveness by repairing dry and damaged hair follicles, promoting growth of healthy hair. It is also a great choice for thicker eyelashes and eyebrows. Its regular application help strengthen and protect nails.

Castor oil in its pure form is thicker and stickier than other oils. To reduce its thickness and stickiness for better application, It can also be used after mixing it with other carrier oils like almond or coconut oil. 

This pure organic castor oil cold pressed does not contain any artificial color, fragrance, mineral oil, petroleum wax, paraben, sulfates, silicones or other toxic chemicals.

P.S: North Gujarat - Kadi is world’s most prolific region known for its castor production. Yes, we have our farms in kadi producing castor. We know Castor in and out. Hence, you can trust us when it comes to pure castor oil in India.

Country of origin - India
All our products are made from ingredients derived from natural sources, and it does not contain any synthetic chemical. We formulate our products to deliver maximum effectiveness without compromising safety.

We generally ship orders the same day or max by the next day, and it reaches the customer in an additional 3 to 5 days thereafter, depending on location. If you do not get what you ordered or get a damaged product, we will refund your money.

We strongly advise taking a video at the time of unboxing so that in case of any discrepancy / damaged item, your claim can be settled immediately in a hassle-free manner. The support team can be reached at info@shatpratishat.com or +91 9173069730 WhatsApp.

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Ingredients used


  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Eyelash and eyebrow serum
  • Moisturize scalp
  • Cold Pressed
  • No artificial / Fragrance or Mineral Oil


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Pure Castor Oil - Organic & Cold Pressed - 200ML

Pump Cap was broken

The Castor oil pump was broken upon receipt. The package was damaged. I got the replacement though. Pls work on better delivery and packaging.

Kalpana Patel
Value for money - Good Product

My hair Loves it. I apply overnight and wash hairs next day.

Anjali Gupta
Thick and sticky

The castor oil is sticky and little thicker then normal oils like coconut. Don't get me wrong, it is a pure castor oil. Nothing against product. But buy castor only if you are prepared to apply oil which is not so lite and little thicker.

Saroj Raj
mix castor and coconut oil for better results

My first impression is good. i suggest you to mix castor and coconut oil for best results in hair growth

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